Monday, November 9, 2009

love him.

I love peanut. I never thought I would say such things... but I do.

This past Easter I was in the garage with a friend while he worked on his Jeep. I went inside to grab something and my mom told me, "you're going to be an aunt." I didn't say anything and went back outside. I was shocked, I needed to fully compute the information I'd just received before I got any more details. After a couple more minutes I went back in and asked my mom what exactly was going on, she explained to me that my older brother Collin, and his long-term girlfriend Amanda were expecting.

After the initial shock of everything wore off, we all started planning, and day-dreaming of what this little baby was going to mean to our lives. My parents, still in their early 40's, were going to be grandparents, my brother was going to be someones daddy, my younger brother was going to be an uncle, and me & Raegyn were going to aunts. None of us had ever been any of these things before, so it was very exciting.

When we saw the first ultrasound, Collin said, "that little peanut looking thing is my baby." At that point it really did look like a peanut, and from that point on baby has been referred to as "peanut".

Well on Saturday 11/07/09 little peanut or Owen Arthur Crane was born. It was a pretty rough labor for Amanda, she ended up having an emergency C-section because he's breathing and heart-rate became too unstable. It was a little nerve-racking... but at about 2:25pm he was here at 7lbs 4oz 19in. He was having some respiratory problems and had to be hooked up to some machines for awhile. But then after what felt like an eternity for everyone we got to see and hold him.

I was so nervous! He was so tiny, and everybody already loved him so much... I didn't want to break him or anything. But I took a deep breath and my mom passed the little guy to me. He just looked up at me with pretty eyes, and everything was okay. I just sat there and held him...

I loved him. At that moment I knew it. I loved this boy who I had just met, who's nickname was something I very much dislike, (whether it be in butter form, or a snickers bar). I knew I would love him... but I was still surprised at how much, and how quickly it happened.

I'm very excited to be his aunt, so I can babysit him, take him jeeping with me, let Blue have a small child to play with.... I'll be his aunt his whole life... and that's amazing.

Here he is again.... see? perfect :-)


  1. Jordy, loved your post - it reminded me of how I felt about Collin when he was born - I was a little younger than you are now, but that boy just touched my heart when he was born, and continued to do so throughout these 22 years! I wish I could have lived closer to all of you growing up, it is sad that we are so far apart:(
    Keep loving that little peanut, kids can't have too much love in their lives.

  2. It's amazing how one little baby can change your life once they're in your arms, right?