Monday, December 21, 2009

ready?... break!

4 days 'till Christmas!

Me and the boys got a Christmas tree for the house, I bought some silver and blue ornaments that have to be put up. So far it's just some Jeep hotwheels, and Jeep emblems. It's all pretty fantastic i love it.

Me and Jake went ice-skating with the Regeneration group on Friday and had such a blast. He likes to go fast and win races and such, and so he pulled some muscles in his legs. I would like to say, "serves him right" but in reality I feel bad for the boy. :( good thing I have awesome massage skills.

& the last thing to get into a little bit of crazy Christmas spirit... my dear Jake, even though he thought it was totally stupid took Blue to Petsmart with me to get her picture taken with Santa. The Santa was kinda weird, and scary, even Blue who loves everyone was a little apprehensive. But, it all worked out and I have a framed photo of Blue and Santa under the tree. :D

In other news. I have successfully completed 1/5 of my UCMT education! (with mostly A's, I think just one B!)
I got laid off sometime in November, but I got hired back on starting last night. So that's one less thing to stress about, and perfect timing because I'm running very low on my savings...

I'm happy.

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