Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tis the Season.

I LOVE Christmas! It just fills my body with warm fuzzies... It truly is the mostly wonderful time of the year. Especially when we remember the True reason for the Season, Jesus Christ's birth. This year I was bummed because I was unable to buy any gifts until after the New Year, but everyone loved them just the same.

After some tearful convincing, Jake paid for Blue to get her picture taken with Santa at Petsmart. It is the absolute most dreadful picture with Santa EVER. But it was well worth it if you ask me! I'll try to remember to upload the picture on here, it's hilarious.

Jake, Jayson, Bryce and I decided to purchase and decorate our own Christmas tree for their house. It turned out really nice and we decided to do a Jeep theme (of course!) with some 4x4 Emblems and Jeep Hot Wheels that Jake made into ornaments. It was fun and chaotic trying to get all our decorations juuuust riiiight! And after stringing and restringing lights, and beads. It turned all the little OCD efforts were done in vain.
No matter what we did we could not get the top and bottom half lights to match up. The bottom was our friend, we set it and forget it (if you will), the top on the other hand... that little demon had a mind of its own. You'd set it to stationary (or so you thought) it would do that for a few seconds, but then it's ADD would kick in and it start twinkling, slow then fast, then dimming, then stationary again... It was slightly irritating but we all couldn't help but laugh at the madness.

Christmas Eve Jayson, Bryce and I played some bored games and ate some junk food. Pepper really liked the Cheetos. We played Life and Clue which are my two absolute favorites, Jayson won both games due to Bryce not being familiar with them or the rules... haha it was such a good time.

Christmas Day.

Raegyn with Peanut, and Roscoe.

Grandma Patterson and Peanut. With posing like that, me and the kid have to share genes.

Me and Jake <3

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