Friday, January 7, 2011

Nic's Baby

My Nicholas is officially 24 years old! As Valery pointed out, "There are several countries that celebrate January 6th as Three Kings Day (for when the Kings found baby Jesus.)  So the man born on Three Kings Day will soon have a little king."

He had to work on the 6th so we just enjoyed being able to spend the day together on the 5th. We had JCW's for lunch (of course). That night we were both feeling a little sick, so Nic skipped school and we watched Inception (& loved it). We had both been wanting to see it for quite awhile but never got to until it was finally at Redbox. We stayed up till midnight so I could sing to him, and be the first person to write on his wall on Facebook haha. & he said some cheesy things that made me cry happy-sappy love tears.

When we woke up on the 6th he was feeling much more awful then he had been the night before so he had to call in sick to work. I checked his symptoms on WebMd and got freaked out that something was seriously wrong. So we spent the day in bed, well he did. I still had to dishes and such. As the day went on he began feeling better so I was glad he was actually able to eat come dinner time, we ordered pizza and I made him birthday brownies (which he absolutely loved! I was so proud :-)

I was so concerned with making this the best birthday ever for Nic, and then he had work and school-which he ended up being too sick to go to either. I was feeling a little like I failed because it wasn't as perfect as I thought it should've been. He made me feel better by telling me that just by having me here with little Asher on his way (very soon!), made it a great birthday. (He's such a swell guy :-)

Speaking of little Asher...

So we had another ultrasound on 12/20 The main reason why I'm measuring big is because I have polyhydramnios, which just means an excess of amniotic fluid. It can potentially be a sign of a problem, but my levels aren't severely high so we aren't worried. He is measuring a little bit ahead, and his head is a couple weeks ahead of everything else. I'm just hoping his body catches up or I will be giving birth to a blow-pop. But everything looks fine, and perfectly healthy.
We are about 7 weeks from my due date, but we honestly don't think we will make it that long. I just have a feeling that he's going to come a little early, which is crazy to think that in 7 weeks I'll have a baby. I'm perfectly content being pregnant, I wouldn't mind it going a little longer... (haha I say that now...) Our baby shower is next week, and I'm so excited! We feel pretty unprepared so hopefully after that some of my anxiety will be eased.

Sometimes I will refer to Asher as "my baby", & Nic will say that he is "his baby". It's almost like we are fighting over him...
32 weeks

I've never really liked any brown sodas, they just gross me out for some reason. But now I cannot get enough Dr.Pepper! I love it, I crave it!(Lehi JCW's has some of the best DP) Nic even bought me a 12 pack of caffeine-free for Christmas.
& Kraft Mac&Cheese. Ew. I have always hated the stuff! But Nic was eating some last week and it just smelled sooo good, so I tried it & loved it. He even had to make more, and he made some a few nights ago for me too.
Guess who loves Dr.Pepper, Mac&Cheese??
Yeah. Nic does. & apparently his crazy baby is making me love it too!

I'm sure there are many ways that he is "my baby", and I probably even have cravings of food I love. But because I have always been me, and loved the things I love I don't notice them nearly as much.

But when we put all joking aside Nic corrects me and makes sure I know that he is "our baby". I think that is one of the most important things to Nic. He hasn't had that before. Olivia is his baby too, but he knew she was going to have a different mommy & daddy, he had to come to terms with that before he even met her. We were talking about our baby the other day on our way home from the doctor and he was telling me something like, 'It's going to be the most amazing moment, when you see that little guy who is me and you put together. That's why you're supposed to wait till marriage, so it is amazing, your just happy to have your own little family. He's going to be our baby forever.' We obviously didn't wait till we were married before we slept together, and started our family. We know that it was sinful, but we have confessed and repented. Even though nothing I can say will justify those actions, we know that the Lord brought us this baby for a purpose.

I'm so grateful that me and Nic have this opportunity to bring our baby into the world, and that the Lord is trusting us to take care of this precious little boy. 


  1. I'm pretty sure I admire you. =) You amaze me. I'm so happy for you. (This is kinda a lame comment, but it's all true.)

  2. Jordyn you look so happy =) and your are beautiful preganant! I'm so happy everything is going well for you!

  3. I loved reading this. I'm so happy for you and for Nic-and that he get to enjoy all of the anticipation and planning wholeheartedly.
    I love envisioning the tenderness when he said, "it's going to be the most amazing moment, when you see that little guy who is me and you put together." Very sweet.