Sunday, March 7, 2010


i have a problem much like that little guy...
I just want me some boba! haha as always...
But anyway...I'm doing really well lately. God is doing some really cool things in my life, as well many of people around me. It's so awesome to see lives change like this. I can't help but smile all the time. I guess there are plenty of reasons to not smile, reasons to feel discouraged... but the opposite is just the same there are so many awesome things to be happy about. It all became a choice to just let go of so much and hold on to everything good. :D


  1. yummm! Are these the drinks with the fat straws and the jelly ball things? haha Amen to "Letting go of so much and holding on to everything good" :) Good to hear your doing well JOrdyn!

  2. yes those drinks! haha I'm completely addicted! and thanks :)