Tuesday, May 18, 2010

nothing creative.

Right now in the midst of school, wedding planning, and everything else that's comes with my lovely life. Nic has had to remind me to 'count to 10', as in when I'm about to get angry at him I have to count to 10 and think about what's really upsetting me. So I've been trying to apply that to other aspects in my life, if I get stressed out and want to start crying or breaking down if I take 10 seconds to pause and think about it all. I suddenly feel silly... I've been trying to think of things every day that I need to be grateful for. & there's A LOT!

This picture makes me smile, he looks so cute and I just look awesomely awkward.

That's just one of the few things that have been lifting my mood lately. But there's one thing that I know has really been helping me and Nic with every aspect of our lives. We've started praying and reading our Bibles together, almost every morning... It's really been awesome just to see the work that God is doing with us.

I can't wait to be married this wonderful man!


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