Thursday, July 29, 2010


There's a few pop-culture icons who were formative members of my childhood. I'm sure they'll all come up at some point but today on my mind is Garth Brooks.

He is such an incredible performer! I've never seen him live, only videos, because everytime my parents went to one of his concerts I was 'too young'. I remember staying at home and crying because I couldn't go. I have a very special place in my heart because of this man, and my sister got her name, Raegyn Brooke, because I loved Garth Brooks SOO much! It's so funny to me now... but seriously I hear him sing and I just... mmm it's like ice cream to my ears.

Watch this video. I love he gets so passionate and into this wonderful love song.

Isn't that yummy? I would love to see him live someday before I die... Idk if it'll be possible but I'm gonna try.

Dear Garth,
Thank you for all your wonderful music that helped in raising me. You're a total stud and I will make sure my children love you too. We should be friends, and you can serenade me daily. :)
<3 Jordyn

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