Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hold on, gotta wait for the light.

It seems to be one of those times where things just aren't working out. Like there's someone who has it out for you, and no matter how hard you try to get on your feet you get knocked right back down.

I'm getting married in less than two weeks and I really am beyond excited! My parents have been absolutely wonderful through it all, helping me and Nic get the pretty little wedding we want. I know that no matter what happens it's going to be perfect, because I'm marrying Nic. I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend right next to me, and we'll be a family :)

But other than that we just keep getting bad news, or more correctly more stress added on top of more stress. With hardly any of it getting resolved before more comes along. I get so overwhelmed sometimes, but lucky for me Nic is very much an optimist. He helps me get through all the terribly stressful times... It really feels like we can barely keeps our heads above water and at any moment we are going to drown.

But that's not going to happen... nope not to us. We're not going to drown, we're going to make it through this hard time and come out stronger. It's what we do, and I know that going through all this hard stuff right now is really going to help our future. God has many many blessings in store for us, we're just on the brink of it all. Sure at times I breakdown, and at times i have doubts but I know that with God on our side we're going to make it through everything.

& PS. anyone who seems to think they know me, Nic or the things we have gone through is sorely mistaken... At best you know one side of the story, but most likely not even that. Let's all show a little respect mmkay?

ANYWAY... Here is our (or at least my) theme song for the time. "Before the Morning" -Josh Wilson

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