Monday, July 5, 2010

a little background and recent happenings.

This summer that I've been spending with Nicholas has been a little hectic. It seems like we're either spending the day at home stressed just thinking of all the things we need to get done or we're out running errands all day, (in the Jeep & the AC doesn't work). But through it all the stress and the tears, day by day we're falling more and more in love. So I figured I would take this chance to tell a little about how we met and where we've been lately.
2/19 was one of a few Fridays that I actually had school. I went to about half and then decided that I would rather go to the College group for our church. I walked in late & noticed this boy I had never seen before sitting on the couch. After the message was over I was talking to some of my friends and noticed him checking me out. Everyone ended up going to Denny's after wards and we sat at the same table see this blog. We just hit off and started hanging out every chance we had, and on 2/26 we were boyfriend/girlfriend.
We went to the Color Festival, and shooting with my family.
(Some of these pictures probably seem familiar... just trying to fill in the blanks)

I don't know how to explain it other than everything with Nic was different. He was different than other boys I had dated, he was more caring. & our relationship was different because of the things we had each gone through especially the year before we were both more mature than we had been in our past relationships. I know 110% that we were made for each other. Everything about either one of us that some one would find a 'fault' is endearing. He's seen at my absolute craziest, ugliest, & all around worst... He knows any 'deep-dark secrets that I might have, and from the very beginning he was totally honest with me.
By the end of March we knew we were going to get married and on April 28th we were officially engaged. :) May 1st we went and visited some of my family in Page, Az.
That's Nic dancing with my aunt Kim at my cousin's bar... good times. :)

May 27th was my puppy, Blue (Princess Veruca Rio Bluetiful) Birthday. She turned 3! We went up the canyon to celebrate.

June was pretty much spent being stressed and excited for the wedding. Trying to get everything together. We did go to another friends wedding.

We danced so much I had such a good time, & it just one more time that I realized how lucky I am to have him.
Really June is all such a blur to me now... But on 6/18 we got our engagements taken :) I'll post some of those later.

On the 4th of July our church had park days with games and such. We won the three-legged race :) It was awesome, people were like "you guys were moving like one person." "you guys must be meant to be" it really made me laugh.

Haha not a great picture of either of us... but you get the point.

But here we are now... everything is falling is place. All we need to figure out is food, flower girl dresses, and where we are going to live when we get married... So far 2010 has been very crazy, but wonderful and I have a feeling it's just going to keep going.


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