Saturday, August 28, 2010


You know me.
I know you.
& maybe that's it.

They may say you're a jerk & that I'm psychotic.
I'm clingy & you abandon.
Maybe they're right-
maybe we don't know what we've got ourselves into.
Maybe they're wrong-
maybe we know full well where we going.

(We're going to get what we've got coming...
All things working together for good.)

We decided to escape & now we wear a target on our back.
But we'll never turn back.
We'll receive blessings beyond measure.

A simple choice led us to each other,
Simple choices led us to God,
& a simple choice brought us a baby.

Our baby. Our blessing.

Ps. They're wrong, & we know it.


  1. Excited for you! You & Nic seem to really love each other and babies are the biggest blessing ever! Congratulations, your wonderful life adventure together is just beginning!

  2. You are not those things. They are wrong.

    It makes me so sad that people are being mean. Enjoy this time. It is so special!