Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Happy Birthdays!

When I was about 2 or 3 I watched a lot of Barney. I loved it most of the time... there were these two sisters and they had a sister song, and every time they would sing it I would cry and cry. I didn't have a sister :(

Here's the video it's BJ and Babybop cuz I couldn't find I good enough quality one with the sisters singing.

Of course it broke my parents hearts to see me so sad like that... and pretty soon they told me I was going to have either a little sister, or another little brother. I already had two brothers! I didn't need anymore I needed a sister... But I told them that if it was a boy they had to name him Vince, and if it was a girl they had to her Reba. (The heart won't lie was my favorite song at the time) My parents weren't really keen on either of those ideas so they kept pushing for other names, and when it was a known fact I was going to have a sister, they asked me how I felt about Raegyn. They said, "It kind of sounds like Reba, and it starts with an R" I wasn't sure if that was good enough... so they told me they were making her middle name Brooke.. like Garth Brooks! haha I was beyond thrilled!
In reality my parents would have probably named her Raegyn Brook regardless of what I thought, but they've always been very good at making me feel like I get exactly what I want. (& I'm very glad now I don't have a sister named Reba)

So on 8/25/93 my brand new baby sister was born!

We've been pretty close ever since. Of course there are those times where we probably really did almost hate each other... but for the most part, (especially after we got our own rooms), we have been like best friends :)

I Love you Raegybaby! Happy 17th Birthday! Thank You for being my Maid of Honor!
Yesterday was another very special birthday. It would have been my grandma's 66th. I can't believe she died when she was only 54... I remember thinking back then that she wasn't very young, 54 is old! But now I realize I have friends who parents are that age or older, & they are still so full of life I would never call them old.
I miss her everyday and all the unconditional love she showed me, and really everyone around her.
Unfortunately our scanner is broken right now so I can't upload any pics of her. But I'm very proud to call her grandma, and I can only hope to half the woman she was.


  1. That is such a cute video clip! I'd never seen it before. I showed it to Bradshaw and he insisted on holding Olivia's hands and swaying like that.
    I should show him this video often, I really like the message. :)

  2. Oh Val that is so great! He's such a sweet boy :)