Saturday, August 21, 2010

True Love

I'm upset I had a few super cute pics ready to add to this... but I can't seem to find my camera cord. Ugh! Hopefully I find it soon.... anyway...

I've been so blessed to have a wonderful example of a loving marriage my whole life.
My parents didn't meet under the most 'ideal' circumstances. See my mom was pregnant when they met, and the sperm donor just wanted her to get an abortion. My dad talked her out of it as they began dating. & on November 12 1986 when my mom was just 17 years old my brother Collin was born. Then on August 22 1987 my parents were married. That was 23 years ago, they were 20 & 18... and to this day they are happily married.

There's been rough times and wonderful times, and through it all they never gave up. They both have worked their butts off to have a successful marriage, and to give us kids all that they could. I seriously look up to them both and their marriage so much. I know that as me and Nic begin to start our new life we are going to run into many challenges, but because of my parents awesome example I know we will be able to make it through.

My parents are both so insane and hilarious. It's funny when I think about a lot of quirks and then I realize how many of them I now have too. Like my mom and her 'crazy cat lady' tendencies, we have 3 cats that have their own album on her facebook. I do the same thing with my puppy Blue-I treat her like she is my baby, and even as a 85lb pitador she is still treated like a lap-dog. & my dad's phone skill awkardness, I totally have that. I hate talking on the phone unless I have to. When I have to I can turn on the professionalism and do really well, but if I don't have to/want to then it's pretty much gonna be terrible if you're on the other side of the phone.

We were walking into the store and my mom didn't want to walk in the slushy snow so my dad carried her. :)

So I guess all I'm really trying to say is, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! 23 YEARS!
Here's to 23 more! (at least ;) )


  1. that is so sweet that he carried her into the store. Happy Anniversary to them.

  2. Happy Anniversary to your parents!! What an awesome relationship they have.