Saturday, September 11, 2010


I recently began working at a daycare. It's just a small business that the lady I work for runs out of her home. & so far I love it! Sure the kids get bratty sometimes, & I have change tons of diapers a day... (seriously the amount of diapers I've changed in my lifetime has quadrupled since working there.) It all reminds of last summer when I was nanny I learned so much then and I'm learning a lot now.

I just love excited they all are about learning, in the next week or so I will start teaching preschool to some of the older kids, and almost every day they will ask me when we get to start or what I will teach them. Them being so excited about it, makes me excited, (& nervous!) The kids who are already in Kindergarten can't wait to go each day, and when they come back they tell me all the fun things they did that day. I catch myself thinking, 'well of course you did that everyone does that in Kindergarten', & I realize this time for them is special they only get to experience these things for the first time once. So I listen as they get all excited and tell me crazy jumbled up stories. Even the younger kids just want to soak up everything around them. I read the same book about colors at least 5 times a day, haha so fun!
One little girl who is only 2 blows me away with how smart she is. Whether we are reading a book or playing with toys she just likes to pick up/point at things and tell me what they are. She's really good at animals, and can tell the difference between a 'tickchen' & 'turtey'. In all honesty she is probably my favorite, (is that allowed?? haha). One day she asked me my name and now she calls me 'J.J.' or 'Jordy' I love it, it just makes me smile, and sometimes she calls me mama or mommy, which is awkward... But she's so cute with curly light brown hair and big blue eyes.

Oh and when day when I got there one girl said, "you look cuter when you come here again." I didn't know if she was saying 'Next time, try and look cuter, k?' or 'You looked cuter the last time you were here' But either way it made me laugh so hard that she was totally calling me out on being a little lazy that day.

It's so fun working with so many wonderful kids day after day. I love their imagination and how they just want to be loved, and they still have that pure, beautiful outlook on the world.

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  1. What a crazy, fun, exhausting, rewarding job! You sound like a wonderful teacher.