Saturday, September 18, 2010


When I was born nearly 21 years ago I was given the name, 'Jordon Anne Crane'. For Christmas 1990 someone sent us card and they spelled my name, 'Jordyn'. & my parents decided that was a much cuter spelling for a little girl. So from then on that's how they spelled my name, and that's how I learned to spell my name.

All through elementary school and up to 7th grade, I was still Jordyn on the records. No one seemed to mind that it wasn't my 'legal' name, they just let me be 'Jordyn with a Y'. In 8th grade we moved, and I changed schools while we were registering me for classes and such they told me I would have to be 'Jordon' on the records. I was pretty much devasted. I've always been Jordyn, I'm not a Jordon nor will I ever be.

I decided to just deal with it all through high school. I figured when I changed my last name when I got married that I would also change the legal spelling of my first name. So here I am now, married nearly 6 weeks and legally I'm still 'Jordon Anne Crane'. It has turned out to be such a hassle to change just one little letter, I have to bring in documentation showing that from the time I was young that was how I've been spelling my name. Luckily all my elementary school records and report cards say 'Jordyn', & the religion I used to be a part of also has my name with a Y. I have a file folder full of so we're waiting until after my birthday to go in and change my name, since I have to renew my license anyway. So cross your fingers that in early October I can legally be known as 'Jordyn Anne Farish'.


  1. I don't have a middle name. I've seriously thought about giving myself the middle name Jinelle when I got married. My best friend in high school made it up for me. And everyone really believes thats my middle name. We'll see if I can. I like the spelling of your name with a y. It's darling. :)

  2. Jordyn is such a cute way of spelling and more feminine. So anyways, good luck w/ SS office and the DL office; they can be very difficult at times. I am speaking from experience. If you don't have the exact documentation that they want, then just forget getting help from them.