Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes I'm out of order again. It's just on purpose this time... because today was just such a Monday.

I had a Sports Massage makeup and 9 am. It was fine besides the boy in class asking me ridiculous questions... That totally just came off as creepy. Then it was time for lunch, I paid way too much for the quality of food I got. Then at 2 I had a Injury Massage makeup. It went well I just super tired... Then I finally got to go home @ 5:30. I tried to take a nap while I was at home, but I guess I had way too much on my mind. & I had to return at 7 for my Russian Massage class, I am counting down the days that I will never have to do another Russian massage in my life... it is not even close to being my cup of tea. Some people enjoy it-I am not one of those. I dread every minute, giving or receiving, I don't like the timing, the strokes, segments... any of it!

After school we had to go to Walmart for some groceries, and get some supplies for a very special birthday that's coming up this weeks :) It felt like we were there forever! My feet hurt, and I was tired so I started getting super cranky... & then I finally got to come home.

I can hear my bed calling my name. sorry for this little vent.

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