Saturday, September 25, 2010


On Thursday we got to see little Olivia and celebrate her birthday along with many others who absolutely adore her! I was (of course) running late, and forgot to bring my camera so I only have the pics I 'stole' from Olivia's birthmom. (Thank You)

While she was eating cake we all went around and said one thing we love about her. Apparently it's a tradition for some families, I had never played this game and so I was nervous but it turned out really sweet. I don't remember what everyone said but here are some of the reasons why people love Olivia:

"I love Olivia because of the way she eats cake... it's magnificent."

"I love Olivia because she is the most beautiful birthdaughter ever!"

"I love Olivia because she's always happy, and it's a good sign for my future children." (me)

"I love Olivia because of her big blue eyes."

"I love Olivia because she must be one special little spirit to have some many people love her."

"I love Olivia because she changed my life."

Isn't she just adorable!

Me and Nic got her a hello kitty that we made at build-a-bear, it even has a heartbeat. & we have a mini one that we will give to our baby if it's a girl. We also gave her and her brother Bradshaw (it was his birthday last weekend) some custom hooded towels my mom made just for them.
She really liked that kitty that was almost as big as she is. :)

I feel so blessed to know this little girl and her family. I'm excited to see her grow up, and her personality to keep coming out more and more.
I was 17 weeks along on her birthday, and when our baby is due she will be 17 months, (cool huh?) So it'll be fun to see how they are different, and how they are alike.


  1. Well Well Well Jordyn...start getting used to going around and saying what you like/love about someone, cuz it is done A-L-O-T in the farish family!!! I can't tell you how many times we have done this.

  2. I LOVE this post. I love how it's organized and the corresponding (beautiful) pictures. You are so clever.