Monday, September 27, 2010


Sunday the 26th was my day to be queen. We decided to celebrate my birthday one day early because we both had the whole day off. We got up early & then just laid around pestering each other until we both got hungry and decided it was time to go...
Then we drove around desperately looking for somewhere to get breakfast. I was just in one of those moods where nothing sounded good, it was super frustrating. We got all the way to Draper before we finally found something we both agreed on... IKEA! Neither of us had ever been there before so we decided it would be fun to just try it out. We got there like 10 minutes before the restaurant opened, and we weren't the only ones, people were lining up before the doors even opened-apparently it's a pretty big deal. They actually had a pretty decent selection of food whether you wanted breakfast or lunch. I got chicken fingers with french fries and mac & cheese, (yes I did feel like a small child). Nic got Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. We also got a piece of chocolate cake and hazelnut chocolate bar for dessert. It was all really good!

We finally were on our way to Lagoon! (an amusement park north of Salt Lake) My mom had gotten some free tickets from her job, and me & Nic weren't able to go when the rest of family did, so we decided to use our tickets for my birthday. I knew I wasn't going to be able to go on most of the rides, but I was super excited for the Ferris wheel... & it was closed :( But we still found stuff to do & had alot of fun.

Because it's fall they were doing their big 'Frightmares' thing and had a lot of fun shows. With chainsaws, monsters, and a hypnotist. The one I was looking forward to, Zombies dancing on a pink Cadillac wasn't there this year, which was a little sad.

They also have a huge fountain set up in the front of the park, and I thought it would be fun to get a few pictures of us by it. So I walked very carefully trying not to get too wet... but that didn't work out. Then we started playing around, and next thing I know we were both completely soaked, and I was freezing!

We then decided it was time to go, so I could warm up, and we could get some dinner. Before we left Nic bought me one of my favorite treats-a delicious caramel apple! I had to use the heater in the car to dry my pants before we made it to dinner-we ended up going to Pei Wei, so yummy! & on the way home we stopped at Coffee Connection for some frozen drinks with boba bubbles. Oh how I love those, and I haven't had one since I got pregnant because I'm very careful about my caffeine intake.
It was seriously such a fun day with my husband! He had no problem buying me all the special treats I wanted that I wanted. Even though it wasn't ''officially'' my birthday, he sure made it feel just as special :)

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  1. Oh sounds like you had a fun day. How nice for Nic to spoil you and you deserve it since it was your b-day!So you like caramel apples huh? Well you are in for a treat...Cherie makes a mean caramel apple that is to die for. I hope she has some time to make them again this year...yum!!!