Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's officially been a year since my very first blog entry. When I wrote "I'm at the beginning of something wonderful and I'm so excited to see where I go from here." I really had no idea that in a year this is where my life would be. A year ago I was excited to finally feel like I was really growing up and becoming the woman I would need to be for my future. & now the reality is hitting me that this growing up is a continual process, and I have to keep going.

20 was very good to me, even though I had times of great trials. & I have a feeling that 21 is going to be a lot similar... After our super fun day at Lagoon, we were slammed back into reality. I had to go to class at 9 am, then work at 11 am, & later school at 7 pm. I was so tired from the day before that I took a short nap before school... it was like any other day... almost. For some reason I had this anxious feeling that was increasing through out the day.
It boiled down to, I have two classes I need to retake before I can graduate. But only one of those is available at night next term, & my due date is half-way through the term after after that. I really just need to be done with school before baby is born. I work during the day, and because my schedule is based on the work schedules of all the mothers, it's completely random every week. Sometimes I work 5 days a week, and other times only 2... I don't bring home a lot of money, but it's still something. So after a little emotional breakdown, I decided that no matter what we were going to have to find a way for me to quit my job, & finish school while still being able to afford everything. We need to find an apartment that we can move into relatively soon... but it's kinda hard trying to figure out what we can afford. I've been attempting this whole ''budget'' thing, & trying to find areas we can cut back on our spending... it seriously feels so weird.
We really are doing this. We're growing up, & starting a family... part of me feels like this can't be reality I'm still so little, But a much bigger part of me is very excited for all this. A lot can happen in a year, next year we will both be done with school and LMT's. We are going to be young parents raising a baby for the first time... so glad I'm not going through all this craziness alone.

Here's some faces of me from 16-20.

6 days till our ultrasound appointment! :) I have a feeling we are going to have one sweet little baby, I seriously can't enough candy, or fruit, I have such an insane sweet tooth!

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