Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September :)


It is seriously my favorite month, & not just because of my birthday ;)
I just love the feeling of change that is all around.
The last couple years September has brought along a lot of challenges. Going through it I really hated it, but now looking back I'm begininng to be greatful for these challenges and all the growth they have brought me.
It's the time of the seasons changing from unbearable hot of summer to the cool crispness of autumn, & all the cute clothes that come along with it. The sweaters, jackets, scarves, hats, and layers! I'm so excited!

I love this blazer from Charlotte Russe:

September brings along the one last breath of hope before that seemingly never ending Utah winter.
For many people it also brings along the start of a new school year.
& for me and Nic we are experiencing our new life as husband & wife, and expectant parents. We've learned to trust again and to love, after all hope seemed lost.

"September" - Kirk Franklin

"Do You Remember, When it was like September?
Before You Grew Cold Like December
And All You Saw were Cloudy Days

And I Remember, That Day When You gave up
You Stopped hurting Cuz You Remembered
The Season It Won't Last Always

...Remember That Night In September,
When God Wipe All your Tears Away

Everybody Has A September In Their Life.
You Know The First Time You Heart Gods Voice
So You Felt His Love
So No Matter What Season You End Up Right Now
after Winter Comes Spring...
So If You Love My Jesus Help Me Sing"

I Love that song! It seems to sum up pretty well a lot of what September means to me :)


  1. Fun song. I'd never heard it before. When he said, Everyone's had a September of their life" it made me wonder what my Sept is/was.
    So, when's your birthday?

  2. Just a few days after Olivia's, September 27 :)

  3. Can I agree with you that September is the best month ever? I think I just love the idea of fall all together. I bought my first fall jacket for this year like two days ago (I know, I'm jumping my game but it was too darling to just let it hang on the rack). I love autumn clothes. That blazer is ADORABLE. Purchase it. haha.

  4. haha I'm probably gonna buy it for my birthday. & yesterday when you came out I was seriously like, 'Oh man I hope she doesn't think all this food is for me!' haha