Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Wedding Day

Okay so I decided to make a post (with pictures) all about our wedding day. :)

I was actually fully prepared for everything to fall apart, but for us to just be beyond happy the entire day-because we started that day as Jordyn Crane and Nicholas Farish, & we would end it as Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Farish. But seriously I don't think our day could have gone better-it wasn't ''perfect'' there were a couple hiccups... but I couldn't have cared less.

The day before we were running around finishing up all the loose ends we had left, & after that it was time to for fun. My entire extended on my dad's side was here, and we spent the night hanging out and enjoying each others company. Unfortunately, we didn't really get any pics that night, so for your viewing pleasure here's a pic of me at my bachelorette party... I was very tired at this point haha.

After a really late night, we were actually lucky enough to sleep in the day of, & not only that but after getting up, eating breakfast, and realizing we both felt a little ill, we were able to take a quick nap. I was woke up by my aunt Tasca telling me that at last minute the woman who was supposed to do my hair just decided to back out, and that she would now be doing my hair (she went to hair school). So we grabbed everything we needed and headed to my friend Alexis' house to get ready. Getting ready with all my bridesmaids was such a nice experience. We were just hanging out, doing our hair and makeup, there was no stress at all! Alexis even said something like, "Seriously think about this moment, everything just feels so relaxed and fun. You have to remember this Jordyn." & it's true I really do cherish those few hours I spent with my girls.

We all headed down the ampitheater where we were supposed to meet everyone, (our familes/bridal party), early for pictures. But practically no one was there... Luckily our photographer was and she decided to take some pics of me, (since we didn't have time to do 'actual' bridals.)

I helped our florist design all the flowers. I did NOT want roses. I was able to pick exactly what I wanted and he did an awesome job!

We also got a bunch of pics of me with my girls:

We decided to do our bridal party and family pics before the ceremony. But I still wanted the moment that Nic saw me for the first time, looking like a bride, to be super special. So we had a personal little reveal moment. So cute!

Here's The Bridal Party and Family Photos:


Reception and Such:

These are just a few of our pics. I have a lot more on

Seriously the whole day was beautiful! We were nervous about it being outdoors but it wasn't too hot, and it didn't rain. Nic forgot to bring his ring so my aunt had to drive back and get it really fast, we didn't bring out marriage license so we signed it the next day at church, & they started playing the wrong song when I was walking down the aisle... haha but it all totally worked out and I could not be happier about my wedding day! Which is great cuz I'll only be doing it once! The stressful planning leading up to it-was pretty mush worth it in the end. I am married to the most amazing man, & my best friend. I feel like so many cheesy cliches just came true. haha. Thank You everyone who has supported us!

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