Saturday, October 16, 2010


According to "verruca (vɛˈruːkə)— noun 1. pathology: a wart, esp one growing on the hand or foot 2. biology: a wartlike outgrowth, as in certain plants or on the skin of some animals"

According to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

A completely spoiled rotten little brat.

According to me:
THE most wonderful & perfect puppy in the world.

I got Princess Veruca Rio-Bluetiful (aka Blue), in May 2008 from the animal shelter. We were about to move and my parents told me that after we did I would be able to get a dog, so I naturally went to the shelter that day 'just to look.' First I picked this little weinery type dog, because I thought I would like a smaller breed, but when I took it into the little room to see how we got along, it ignored me the whole time. So I moved one. We walked into the place where they keep all the dogs that are bigger breeds. A lot of the dogs in there were jumping up and barking at us, but there was one puppy who was different, she was just sitting there quietly looking up at me. I took her into the room, and immediately fell in love, she was sweet and loveable and calm. It was very clear she had been hurt and she just wanted someone to love her and take her home. I knew that I had to have her-but I had to wait till Saturday, which was like 2 whole days away.
Saturday morning I woke up super early, and I was at the shelter before they even opened. I was the first person in, and I told them I want the black lab-pitbull mix named 'Blue' I'm taking her home. So for just $35 she was mine all mine. She had all her shots, she was spayed and microchipped, and we got a free harness with her as well. Seriously best money I've ever spent.Don't worry I know how ridiculous this sounds but she is pretty much my best-friend. (okay a close second to Nic-but he doesn't believe that) I can't explain all the ways that this wonderful furry little soul has been there for me. Numerous times when I am sad and crying, she just comes up and puts her head in my lap. Just her being there makes everything a little easier to handle.

It's funny the bond that we have. She's our baby, and we have been preparing her to be a big sister, (which I know she will do very well at) But it's become pretty obvious that she knows I am pregnant, she no longer jumps up on me when she's excited to see me, and if she does she makes sure to keep her paws on my legs. & when we are all in bed cuddling she will put herself in awkward positions so she doesn't lay even just her head on my tummy. She sees my nephew all the time and is great with him so I'm not worried at all how she will act once our little boy gets here.

I feel we have gone through very similar journeys together, where we had been hurt and we were scared, but all we wanted was to feel loved, safe, and at home. & through the last 2.5 years that's definitely what has happened, she is a huge part of what I would call home.

So now that you all think I'm totally nuts for being so crazy about my dog... haha. We bought 'How to Train Your Dragon' last night, because we saw it in theaters and loved it. Blue watched most of it with us, before she went to her bed and fell asleep. That's kind of what inspired this post.. the dragon 'Toothless' is just like Blue, all of funny things he does reminds me so much of her. & how he's really nice until someone tries to mess with Hiccup... yup. Seriously if you haven't seen it, at least Redbox it! Nic has already decided it's going to be our baby's favorite movie, which means I'll be watching it a thousand more times haha.

As far as baby goes, the last week or so I've been feeling move around like crazy if I stop and pay attention. I told Nic it's like he's having a dance party. Nic would try and feel him but we figured he just wasn't big enough yet, until a couple days ago. It was seriously so cool! (& freaky) Nic was just feeling around and all the sudden I felt this intense kick! I jumped away and Nic just looked at me with his jaw dropped. "I just felt him! That was weird!" haha. Then we played for like 45 mins but he only kicked a few more times and it was only when Nic wasn't feeling. I can't believe I'm already 21 weeks! It's so crazy how fast everything is moving, Nic is impatient and wants baby to be here... yesterday ;)

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