Thursday, October 28, 2010


For Halloween this year me and Nic are being a Zebra and a Lion-masquerade style. :)

This dress totally accentuates my baby bump. haha it looked much different pre-pregnancy.

We've already been to two Halloween parties this year one with my family, and one with his. So far our costumes have been a hit!

Peanut! We were both tired.

That's my brother on the right....

Nic's tail :)
He's trying to eat me.

We are helping out at the Halloween party for our church this Sunday. Nic is helping the kids with an obstacle course, and I am making balloon animals. Yeah there's a hidden talent of mine, Nic didn't even know I could make them until he saw that's what I was assigned. I haven't done it in awhile so I think I'll be getting some balloons to practice with. I'll post some pics so you can see my awesome skills! haha.

This concludes my alphabet series. yay! Haha it was fun, but I'm glad to be done. It'll be less stressful now ;) OH and I didn't forgot about L... I just lost my motivation. My favorite L word is "love" so just read this post. Yes, total cop-out. I don't care.


  1. Sooo cute!! Your little belly is adorable! and I loooove zebra! I was excited to see the shoes you wore at your wedding lol I want them, and I love your dress!