Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Peanut!

My awesome nephew Owen, (Peanut), turns ONE today!!

Wow... Seriously? It's been a whole year since I first held that little guy in my arms?

I'll be honest when I found out I was pregnant I kind of wanted a girl, (mostly so I could be the one to have the first grandaughter). But the last little while me and Nic have been watching Peanut a few days every week, and let me just say I am stoked to have a boy! Seriously if our little baby is half as neat as Peanut, (which he will be-obviously), I'm in for a ride and a treat for the next... oh... 18+ years haha.

So what is it that makes Peanut so awesome? (or as the Jackson's & Farish's would say, Why do I love Peanut?)

Once he had a mustache:

His first word was 'truck' followed closely by 'kitty':

He gives me lots of love & big kisses:

He falls sleep for Nic-ALWAYS, and never for me:

Here's some pics of the big party!

Peanut is such a fun kid. If anyone is laughing he will start laughing too likes its the funniest thing he has ever heard. He's constantly babbling, screeching, or laughing-noisy, noisy baby. I know everyone is anxious for him to start walking but when I sit on the floor across the room from him, and he starts crawling as fast as he can and almost panting like a little puppy, I just think of how much I will miss these moments. He's only going to be little for so long. & he's already 1!
Our little baby will be Peanut's only cousin. Those two boys are going to gets in all sorts of mischief together, and Peanut is going to be quite the little ring-leader I can tell already. haha

I love this little nut and I'm so excited to see him grow up. I know someday he'll be too old and too cool to give me big kisses and let me tickle his feet, so I'm just enjoying all these fun times we have now :-)

I have quite a few really cool posts coming up they are all in the process of being written. I have other people helping me out with a few of them, and I think it's gonna be really cool. So stay tuned!!

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