Monday, November 29, 2010

Last weekend I went to Page, Arizona (my dad's hometown) for the funeral of my great-grandmother. I really wasn't sad about her passing, part of that is because I was never really close with her. But mainly it's because I know it was her time. She was 93 years old with multiple health issues including cancer and in October she had 2 strokes. I actually smiled when I first heard she had passed, because she had a strong relationship with the Lord, & I knew at that time she was in heaven with Jesus face to face.
I'm really glad I was able to go down and spend that little bit of time with my extended family, none of them have seen me pregnant and so that was a lot of fun. Nic had to work so he stayed home and I missed him more than I ever thought I would. Spending those two nights alone... no fun.

While we were down there I got to meet some of the extended family on my grandpa's side. (After 21 years and going to the town that they lived at least once a year my entire life) Apparently there's a lot of estranged relationships, and hard feelings between people. But, in all of that I was able to see the ways that history is repeating itself. People who can't move on from the things of the past, or from who hurt them when they when were young. and people refusing to take responsibility for their own actions. It just felt like 'no wonder your kids are how they are, they learned it from you, & you learned it from...' it could probably continue onward. I very much was able to see how I don't want to take on my future. Don't get me wrong I saw wonderful examples of love, and beauty but sometimes it's easier to focus on the negative things so I can avoid them.
I found out that my grandpa is also allergic to sulfur, they gave him medicine with it in it when he was a baby and he almost died. I just get terribly itchy all over (on the inside), and one time I got a really bad fever. It was nice to know that it came from somewhere and also so I know to be careful and make sure the doctors know not to give it to Asher, (just in case).

Pretty much the highlight of my trip was Kieran. I can't even tell you how much I love that kid. He was 5 last year when I was his nanny for the summer, and he made me laugh all the time with all his crazy questions and comments. & He was the ringbearer for our wedding.

When we were at the dinner the first night someone mentioned that I was pregnant, and oh my goodness the stuff that started coming out of this kid's mouth. First he told me he didn't think I was actually pregnant, I was just fat. [yeah thanks] but then he did 'eenie-meenie-mynie-moe- and decided I was pregnant. To which is said, "If I ever got pregnant, I wouldn't want to be... I mean if I magically became a girl first." Then he started asking me all sorts of questions.
K: wouldn't it be crazy if you had a boy?
Me: I am having a boy.
K: are you sure? have you seen the baby?
Me: Yeah they have a camera that can in my tummy so we saw him.
K: Did it have a diaper on?
Me: Nope.
K: It was just NAKED?!?
Me: haha.. yeah.
K: ew... did you see his... thing?
Me: Yeah, that's how we knew it was a boy.
He seemed really disturbed by all of that. He kept asking me questions about how I knew the food I was eating was food the baby would like, and he told me I shouldn't eat chips and salsa cuz the baby would choke on the chips and salsa would burn his mouth. After we were done eating he looked at my nearly empty plate, and very loudly said, "You ate all that?!? You're gonna kill the baby! He won't have any room!" [once again thank you] I just told that it's the baby that makes me eat so much. ;)
We got in the car and were driving to our hotel and he starts asking, "So what exactly is a Navajo?" (Page is right by the Navajo reservation) his brother told him it was just a kind of indian. To which he asked, "So why do eat Navajo tacos??" I couldn't stop laughing, at least he's not a fan of canibilism.
He then looked at me and asked, "Wouldn't it be weird if you got pregnant the day after your wedding? & where is your husband anyway?" So then when we were at the luncheon after the funeral the next day, he just looked at me and said, "I wouldn't want to get pregnant the day after my wedding... that would be too weird."
Later that day we were in the hotel room and I was eating a banana, and he started again, "Why do you peel the whole banana? Why do you do that? Why do you have to eat the banana like that? & Why do you have an earring in your nose?!?" His mom told him to stop asking so many questions, and he said, "okay just one important one, why do you have an earring in your nose?" I couldn't even answer I was laughing so hard.
Seriously this kid makes my day. I'm sure there were many more hilarious things he said... I just can't think of them right now.

It was a fun, short trip but I was so happy to get home and hug my husband!


  1. hahaha...that kid sounds hilarious. jarr and I got a good laugh!

    So Jordyn...why do you have an earring in your nose? hahaha!!! Love ya!

  2. the baby's just...naked?! Kieran sounds hilarious. Quite an inquisitive guy.

  3. He's seriously my favorite. I forgot to add that at dinner he was so upset that no one had told him I was pregnant. He even stood up and said, "Everyone who knew Jordyn was pregnant raise your hand!" Pretty much everyone did... "And no one told ME?" :)