Sunday, December 5, 2010

baby update

So I am officially 28 weeks (AKA 7 months). 3rd trimester.
It's still so weird to me to think that I actually am having a baby. But in 12 weeks (or less) I will be holding my son.

I had a dr. appointment on Friday. I got tested for gestational diabetes and also anemia. My glucose levels were good, which means no diabetes! I'm thrilled! No 12 pound baby for me. The drink was awful, almost like cough syrup that wasn't as thick or medicated. I'm so proud of myself for keeping it down haha. My iron levels were a little low though, (normal-37-47 me-35.5) They just told me to make sure I keep up on my prenatal vitamins and to eat more iron rich foods. I'm actually not surprised because not only have I been craving ice like mad woman the last few weeks, I also have times of randomly being out of breath and having heart palpitations. But they will check my levels again when I go back in 2 weeks and if everything isn't better they'll put me on a supplement.

Our baby Asher is dancing, kicking machine, but only for me and Nic. Almost every time someone else tries to feel him he refuses to move, I just think he's shy. He seems to really like music, like when we are at church and I'm singing along with everyone he will start wiggling like crazy! & it's very obvious that he know his daddy already. The other night I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and Nic came over and started rubbing my belly, almost immediately Asher woke up and was kicking all over the place. Nic loved it.
Another funny story is the other day I was laying in bed reading, and Nic came in and looked at my tummy which was ridiculously lop-sided. He laughed a little and came over to 'help' coax baby to a more relaxed position but as soon as he let go baby pushed back even harder. We both just started laughing, my left side was soft & squishy and my right was hard and full of baby. It was seriously so weird! But I think that is Nic's new favorite game, he pushes on baby trying to feel him and now Asher will push back. & just sit there and laugh basically.

I really feel like we don't know the first thing about being parents. Which is an exaggeration, obviously. We at least know the basics feeding, changing, holding, how to love, etc.. But there's more to being a parent... I obviously can't say what it is because I haven't experienced it yet. I've been reading this book lately that is helping me prepare for the decisions we will need to make for Asher. & I think it's helping, but at the same time how do you really prepare to be a parent? Does anyone ever feel ready? I mean almost 4 months ago neither of us knew how to be married, and we're doing a pretty dang good job at it, so we'll be okay. Plus we have an awesome support system with both of our families. I just get worried sometimes that we will mess him up, but Nic has assured me that we won't. haha.
I mean what's the worse that can happen?


  1. that picture is HILARIOUS!!! Baby seems a tad annoyed. haha.

    12 weeks sounds so short, like the blink of an eye. We are very excited for you three.

  2. How fun!! I remember putting things on my stomach just to watch Anberlin kick them off haha!

  3. I'm pretty sure I went to Sonic every SINGLE day. I LOVED ice especially pebbled. I used to hate the idea of it. But even now that I'm not pregnant. I still chew on it. It started a really bad habit :( haha.

  4. I love the ice from Holiday gas stations. It's the same texture as pebbled just a little bigger. It's so wonderful, and it's ridiculous the need I have to have some every day.

  5. love the picture! reminds me of when i was nearly 3 & my Mom left me, my 4-month-old sister and my biological father alone to go grocery shopping. she came back & found my bald baby sister with a HOT PINK HEAD! best part is, my father had no idea it had even happened... of course i don't remember any of this, but we still look at those pictures on occasion and laugh every time. :-P