Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up

Christmas this year was absolutely wonderful. :) Nic and I were so excited to spend our very first Christmas together.

I guess all of our celebrating started on Christmas Adam (the 23rd, because Adam came before Eve). Which is when we did a lot of our shopping, (I know we are ridiculous at procrastinating). We also got to open one present from my mom, which was socks <3 & we got a very special package from Olivia's family in the mail that day-that we just couldn't wait to open haha :)

Christmas Eve after Nic got off work we had a family party with Nic's side of our family. We had a delicious lunch with everyone and then some of the more athletic people played volleyball. I was not one of those, as I am 7.5 months pregnant & I was in a skirt, but my husband did play and win. haha I don't think they really kept score-he's just a winner in my book. Then we did a little white-elephant gift exchange, Nic ended up with a Winger's giftcard & I got an ice-cream maker :D I am so excited to try it out. I LOVE ice-cream! Nic's mom also made us a beautiful quilt for our bed, and a gift basket of goodies, and trust me I can not get enough goodies at this point ;)
That night we went to a candlelight service at my church. We sang Christmas songs, and the pastor and his wife helped tell the story of Jesus' birth, and what it meant to the world. It was absolutely beautiful, the songs, the candles-everything. I have been stressing out lately about money, and the baby, and giving birth, and a million other things, and that night a lot was really put into perspective for me. Mary & Joseph with no help from doctors, -& in a dark, dirty, animal stable- were able to birth the Son of God...
After that we got to open our Christmas Eve Pj's :)
haha Nic trying to push his tummy out like mine.

Getting all the stockings ready.

Nic having a tickle war with my cousin. I love how good he is with kids.

Christmas morning, me and Nic were the last ones up, so everyone was waiting on us so they could open presents. But first we had to give Blue her stocking.
She's a very spoiled puppy.

She got chocolate covered milkbones, rawhide bones, and a new toy.
I loved everything that I received. My mom gave me a pair of super cute maternity jeans, that I love. I was so excited when I opened them, because just having jeans that fit was something I had really been missing. I'm sure it sounds silly, but a couple weeks ago I stood in front of our closet in tears because none of my pants fit.
My super sweet, amazing husband totally spoiled me. I didn't really give him any ideas as to what I wanted, because I just didn't know. & he got me the perfect gifts. My favorite gift from him was just a little card, it was absolutely perfect, and along with the little message he wrote inside, it made me cry. I love my husband.

BLT's for breakfast. yummm

Peanut absolutely loved his new toothbrush.

Peanut and Jade on my brother's new longboard. He was holding on tightly, and saying "Vroom" Pretty soon we'll have to buy him his own lol.

I don't know how I ended up with mostly just pics of Peanut, and no one else... it must because he is so dang cute and photogenic ;)
We seriously had such a fantastic Christmas. I can't wait to spend more with Nicholas and little our family. This was our only one with just the two of us, which is so crazy to think that next year we will have a 10 month old.


  1. You guys look so happy! Congrats on your beautiful little family (to be) :)


  2. Thank you for posting a current pregnancy picture. (It makes me happy to see the picture of the good looking, happy couple at the top :)
    Matching zebra pajamas and slippers? Awesome!

    I'm so sorry you've been stressed and worried! I love your faithfulness and humility: "that night a lot was really put into perspective for me. Mary & Joseph with no help from doctors, -& in a dark, dirty, animal stable- were able to birth the Son of God."