Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maternity Pictures :]

This past Saturday we got some maternity pictures taken. Nic thinks its a weird thing to do but he still humored me and came along, looking as handsome as ever. Kate from elisabeth kate photography took them for us, and she did such a good job! I love them all so much! I was exactly 37 weeks when we got these taken, and I'm so glad I'll have these to look back on and think of this time while we are anxiously awaiting our baby Asher.

Like I said, I'm 37 weeks (& 4 days), which means we have officially made it full term, and our little guy could make his big debut any day now... I get more and more excited every day. I can't wait to hold my baby, and to not be pregnant anymore. On one hand it feels like it all happened to so fast, and on the other I feel like I can't wait one more minute!

There's was a time I wasn't constantly lugging around a bowling-ball...

But somewhere along the way this:
Became this:
And apparently there is a baby in there hiding somewhere. ;-)


  1. Awww :) You look amazing!!!! Can't wait to see baby pictures :)

  2. LOVE the pictures! Can't wait to meet the baby you're hiding!


  3. The maternity pictures are beautiful. I really love the lighting and coloring in the first one.
    I never got maternity pictures (or even took very many pictures) when I was pregnant and I really wish I did.