Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Boy-Two months.

My little man is two months old! I am so crazy about this little guy.

He's getting so big! At his appointment he weighed 13.5 lbs. & was 24 inches. Nic had to work but my mom came with me, so I wouldn't have to be alone when he got his shots. But I ended up being fine, and she was the one who teared up. He was a very sad the rest of the day, which was so hard because he is usually such a  cheerful little guy.

6 weeks

6 weeks. Always smiling and laughing

Owen ADORES Asher. Everytime he sees him he gets all excited, "Ash! Asheh!" He'll come give Asher a hug and a big open mouth kiss. & He always wants to sit next to him. He is so good at sharing, he always wants to give Asher some of his cookie, "No thank you, baby Asher is too little." and one time he took off his  socks and had me put them on Asher. I can't wait for when these little buddies will be able to play together. It makes me excited for when we will have another baby.

Asher 5 weeks

Owen 18 months Asher 7 weeks

For the first 3 or 4 weeks if someone needed to babysit Asher, he would take a bottle from them. (Except Nic, he doesn't equate daddy with feeding.) Which was great because it gave my mom, or Nic's sister some time to bond with him, and it allowed us to go on a date. He then started refusing a bottle, just screaming if you put it in his mouth. So we bought new bottles that are a little more like the real thing, and we've been working with him. He no longer screams, he'll take it and  chew on it and gigglle. & I got him to eat 1ounce the other day. So things are progessing, slowly but surely. we were just hoping I could get a job in May/June but if he won't eat a bottle I won't be able to. So we are praying for guidance to see what would be best for our family.

8 weeks

He's sleeping very well at night. He goes down at about 10 or 11and doesn't wake up to eat until 6 or 7. We fed him a little bit of rice cereal the other day and he slept a full nine hours.

First time with rice cereal. Loved it! 8 weeks

Me & my wild man <3

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