Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2:nine facts

day two: nine interesting facts about yourself.

one; I have this kinda quirky ability to read vanity plates. Nic almost always has to ask me what it says if we see one. I get frustrated when I can't figure it out & I'll think about for days.

two; I've only been to six states. Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming and Washington. I've been to four corners which technically adds New Mexico and Colorado. I spent two hours at LAX and a couple hours in a small town in Mexico just across the border. (I have a serious need to travel!)

three; I have this secret desire to dance. Nic took ballroom in high school and we decided that once we have time we will take a couples ballroom class. But in the meantime when I am in a good mood I cant stop myself. I'll just walk into the room and start shakin it, (which was lots of fun with my big belly.)

four; I swear I saw Nic (and totally checked him out) almost a year and a half before we met. At that time he was working at a fast food place that was having their grand opening. I went in with some friends and I remember talking about the boy behind the counter who was super attractive and tall. I was too scared to make a move and so well never know if it was actually Nic or someone else. But i can't even imagine how differently things would have been had we met that day...

five; Working graveyards at a pretty slow hotel helped me develop an awkward interest in facebook/blog stalking. Seriously, if you don't want me to know something don't put it online. haha I'm in no way out to hurt or expose anyone, just awkwardly interested in others lives like its some sort of reality show haha.

six; My parents said it's pretty interesting that I never wanted to be pregnant or have kids, and I always denied that I had any sort of maternal instinct. But now that Asher is here its like I found my calling in this life. Everything has come so naturally, I'm pretty much the best mom that kid has ever seen.

seven; My first car was a Jeep Cherokee. I had it for a little over a year before rolling it a couple blocks from my house. I looked down to adjust my seat belt and when I looked back up I was heading for some bushes. I hit a mailbox that made a ramp onto the bushes and then I was hanging upside down. One of the scariest and most exciting moments of life, I look at the pictures and I still can't believe I was there.

eight; In junior high I had the awesome opportunity to be an extra in two Disney channel movies. Halloweentown High (you don't ever really see me), and Life is Ruff (I'm in a bunch of shots with my short hair and orange tie-dye shirt). I had so much fun, but it was so monotonous at times, I could never really be an actor.

nine; I used to wish I needed glasses. I even bought a few fake pairs from claires, & I would wear them all the time. I loved the way look on me, I still do! But I feel extremely blessed for having such great eyesight. I'm the only one in my family that doesn't need some sort of correction, (besides my brother who just got lasik.) My dad didn't need glasses until he was 35 so I may have to finally get real glasses at that point. If I do I'll be sure to make it a good day, not a rough day like it could so easily be.

this was a lot harder than it should have been!


  1. I sound like a ra-tard because are vanity plates, license plates? hahaha. Just wondering what they are.

    Big Hunk wants to take up salsa dancing. So that might happen :)

    I loved Halloweentown but I don't think I've ever seen Life is Ruff. If I ever have the knack to watch the Disney channel and they're on, I will see if I can find you ;)

    I also liked glasses. My sisters needed prescription ones and I stole theirs all the time. I didn't need glasses for real until my senior year. Probably because I wore their real glasses. Boo. :(

    This little challenge seems fun. I like the interesting facts :)

  2. haha yeah the personalized license plates.