Friday, May 27, 2011

3:eight ways

day three: eight ways to win your heart.
 (since he already has won my heart, I'm doing 'eight ways Nicholas won my heart')

one;  Have faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Strive to be stronger spiritually, pray with me. This is the most important area to be on the same page if you want things to work.

two; He makes me laugh, but also thinks I'm funny. We just get each others sense of humor. I could never live a dull humorless life.

three; Must love dogs. Nic loves Blue just as much as I do-very important.

four; He makes me feel like I am the most beautifully unique woman, not like I'm some crazy weirdo. He helps me see my flaws as the things that make me special.

five; Traveling is something I've always been passionate about. Nic has been to all the continental United States and together we are going to travel world. 

six; I always knew the man I would marry would be good with kids, (because I never thought I was). & every time I see Nic with kids I'm just amazed at how naturally he interacts with them.

seven; He sings & dances with me. In the car, our room, the kitchen... that guy always has a tune in his head.

eight; Spoil me-with kisses, presents, ice cream, your precious spare time, give me all that you can, and I'll do the same in return.

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