Friday, May 13, 2011


I can't believe it but my favorite little peanut is 18 months old! && he is just so neat!

when Asher came home from the hospital
I swear everytime I see him I am more amazed with how crazy, and amazing he is. One day I asked him if he wanted a chip or a cupcake, but instead of waiting I just handed him the chip. He threw it on the ground, scowled at me, and said "Wan cup-cay"  Our next door neighbor's dog loves to bark, so Owen will go out to the backyard and "woof woof" back. We're puppy-sitting this little chihuahua and when he first saw it he said "neow?" (cat?) waited a second and said "Oh woof woof!"
I wish I could remember more of his hilarious cuz seriously this kid makes me laugh so much!

I am so glad the Owie, and Ash are so close in age. I know they are gonna be such good buddies! Ah so fun, can't wait!

This is one of his favorite songs. We play it for him all the time and he try to sings along, he's really good at the Oh-e Oh-e part. Which is cute cuz that's one of his nicknames as well.

Love love love my little nutty-noo.

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  1. Owen is so cute! That's amazing that he formed a sentence (wan cup cay) and it's a lot of syllables too! Smart guy!

    We'd never seen that video before and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Ever since this post first appeared in reader I've been singing Oh-E-Oh (like the theme song to Suite Life on Deck can't vouch for the show but the song gets stuck in my head.)

    Cute, cute cousins.