Sunday, June 5, 2011

5:six regrets

day five: six things you wish you’d never done.

This is definitely the hardest one so far... i can only think of five actually... sorry

one; Slacked off so much in high school. I wish I would've put in a real effort, and been a part of extra curricular activities, I could have had a very successful high school career... but instead... not so much.

two;  I never should have given my ex a second (third, fourth, or fifth) chance. There's so much left over from all the crap I went through. I have a hard time defining what it is that I want for myself, I find myself using my emotions to manipulate people without even realizing it...

three; Losing my virginity to someone who wasn't Nic.

four; Saying mean things to and about other girls. I may have felt justified in doing so but I believe women need to stand together. We get each other in a way that men just never will. i guess its like they say, you hate the things you see in others that you dislike most in yourself.

five; being so shy, and letting my timidness control so much of my life. when i let go of my insecurities and im outgoing. wonderful things happen. i really feel like my shyness has held me back a bit in life. 

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  1. I wanted to do number 3 too but couldnt bring myself to do it cuz of family that dont know. lol.