Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6:five people

day six:five people you couldn't live without.

one; First and foremost, my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him sacrificing His life for mine, there would be no point to this life. I would have no hope of something better.

two; My baby boy. When I found out I was pregnant I thought I was in no way ready for a baby. But God knew better, I was not only prepared but its almost like part of me was missing until he came along. I think he just has to be the cutest most incredible baby boy ever. ;-)

three; My hunk-a-hunk-of burning love, Nicholas. We have times where we fight/argue, and its hard to always see the big picture of all the potential our future holds. But in the end there is no one I would rather wake up next to and spend every day with.

four; My mom. I would not be the woman & mother I am today if it wasn't for wonderful example all my life. I am so blessed to have a mom who has always been so loving, understanding, and given me way more support than I'll ever deserve.

five; There's actually quite a few people that I can't imagine not having in my life. I would hate to have to pick just one more, so here's a shout a out to a few others. :-) you (better) know who you are.

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