Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby boy-6 months

My little Asher is 6 months-half a year old! I can't believe it... ugh it's gone by so far it's my tummy hurt. I'm at a complete loss of words... I swear I was pregnant yesterday. I don't care how cliche it is I'm gonna say it anyway, Where has the time gone?!

He is 18 lb 5 oz (56%) & 28 1/4 in (95%) Tall and skinny, and more adorable day by day.

He just loves to talk talk talk. He mostly squeals, babbles, and laughs, but he'll say mama, dada, hi/bye (they sound very similar). Of course he's just repeating those things and most of time it seems to be at random but every once and awhile it will be in the correct context. (& I of course think my baby is the smartest baby ever)

He has officially graduated from a rolling any and everywhere to this stage of an army crawling/full on crawling hybrid. (There's a video of it at the bottom of this post.)

my babies

He is the sunshine in my everyday. While I get stressed out & sometimes being a mommy is so hard, I can just cuddle up to my baby boy as he's sleeping and seriously there is nothing better in the world. Waaayy better than xanax ;)

We recently went to Oregon & Nic wasn't able to come. Before we left he was up on his hands and knees rocking, I thought for sure he would start crawling while we left. But he waited till we got back and he could show his daddy. :]

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oregon Trip (the beach edition)

Raegyn's 18th birthday was while we were in Oregon and so we decided to go to the beach.
We stopped at a little beachside town to take pictures, buy nonsense, act like tourists. & we saw Rosey, this adorable puppy who had a custom side-car on this motorcycle.

I, being 'mother of year', forgot Asher's jacket. Luckily auntie rae rae let him borrow hers.

If you look closely you can see Ash grab a handful of sand and eat it... gross.

This was only my second time to ocean since I was about 2. I absolutely loved it & so did little man.

He loved sticking his footsies in the water and squishing his toes in the sand.

we got stuck trying to leave.

yumm salty toes! haha

On the way back we stopped at the Tillamook factory!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oregon Trip

In August me, Asher, my mom, sister, cousin, aunt, and grandma made a trip up to Oregon. I was excited because I had never been. Unfortunately we went for the funeral of my uncle.

The service was short & sweet, "a celebration of life". He would have loved it.

The whole thing ended with a 12-can salute.... I have never seen anything like it.

It was so great to see some family I hadn't seen in many many years.
Asher loved my cousin Sid. Sid said "I think he likes my orange hair." The two of them had such precious interaction the entire time.

The Cookie

One of the greatest things about being a parent is that everything your baby does is soo amazing & cute.

No matter what. Who cares that people have been feeding themselves for thousands of years, suddenly you can't stop watching and taking pictures.

Sorry for the cell phone pics. I didn't want to miss one moment going up to get my camera.

You think your baby is the best because clearly no other baby looks this good eating Gerber cookies.

Its just so great. period.

Haha. Maybe the magic fades when you its your second baby. I doubt it though.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

can I just tell you..

how incredibly blessed we are to have amazing & special extension to our family!

A few weeks ago we got spend an evening playing in the park.

Asher isn't usually a very cuddly guy, he likes to be able to see whats happening. But V started holding and he cuddled right up to her. (of course he stopped as soon as I tried to take a picture) It was such a sweet moment.
doesn't this just melt your heart?

I loved seeing these three playing together & seeing the similarities. (Olivia & Nic both broke their arm before their 2nd birthday) After we took this pictures, I grabbed Asher and Olivia grabbed Nic. She held onto his hand and they played together going down slides, jumping down steps... it was almost too adorable to handle.

When we left she gave Nic & Asher goodbye hugs & kisses. As we drove away Nic just said, "I'm so glad she loves me." Of course she does :)