Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Boy- three, four, & five months!

My little Asher Boy is 5 months old! I can hardly believe it, time is just flying by.

3 Months:

  •  Mastered rolling from tummy to back, & started rolling from back to tummy.
  • Found his laugh and its one of his favorite sounds.

  • His crinkle puppy & book are his favorite toys. We got it after he tried to eat/play with everything that made a crinkle noise.

  • He loves bathes/anything to do with water!

4 months:

such poor quality :(

  • The weekend he turned 4 months he got two teeth, and then had to get his shots. We had a very sad boy for a few days.
  • He prefers being on his tummy, & loves to roll around the floor.
  • He loves his daddy. Every morning he'll lay in our bed playing and laughing with dad.
  • One afternoon Ash was napping his bouncer, and Nic came over & was whispering, "ticka-ticka-ticka" like he does when he tickles him. & Asher got the biggest smile, when he stop the smiled disappeared. They played this game for a few minutes all while he was sleeping. Soo cute.

  • He loves to eat "real" food. He still won't take a bottle, but he loves his baby purees, gerber cookies, icecream cones, and pizza crust.

5 months: 
  • He wants to crawl soo bad. He pushes and scoots pretty well, but he gets frustrated fast and just pushes his face into the ground.

  • He loves the sound of his voice, and he's starting "mama-mom" not in correct context of course, but it still makes my heart melt all the same.
  • He loves his huggy-buddy lion. We play "roar" and he giggle, giggle, giggles. 
  • He loves all toys, but his toes are probably his favorite... our other's toes if he can get them.
  • He's a happy, social, beaming baby boy. I just love his handsome little personality.

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