Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Cookie

One of the greatest things about being a parent is that everything your baby does is soo amazing & cute.

No matter what. Who cares that people have been feeding themselves for thousands of years, suddenly you can't stop watching and taking pictures.

Sorry for the cell phone pics. I didn't want to miss one moment going up to get my camera.

You think your baby is the best because clearly no other baby looks this good eating Gerber cookies.

Its just so great. period.

Haha. Maybe the magic fades when you its your second baby. I doubt it though.


  1. I love how in love with him you are! :) You are a great mommy :)

  2. I wish I new more about blogging. Like how to initiate a comment. I just don't maybe I can Learn though. anyway I was able to click on the comment made by Katy and add one. So I must say I think you are a great mom too! And I love your blog. I miss you guys so much and just have to say with no prejudice that I agree with you that this adorable boy is both amazing and very cute. I miss being more a part of his life and you and Nics. And was so sad when we had to cancel Yuba. We were so looking forward to just playing, eating and talking with all the you guys. We will find a way to get up there later and see all of you. Take care of that cute family of yours and let us know how things are going. Love ya

  3. It's true! There's something oh-so-wonderful about watching your baby enjoy and devour food--especially in the beginning but it's still very delightful later too!
    He's adorable!

  4. I'd just like go chime and and say that from where I stand, the magic is just as amazing with the 2nd. :)