Saturday, September 10, 2011

State Fair

We went to the State Fair and got to see The David Crowder Band. It is their last tour so we were very lucky to be able to see them. 

The first 15 minutes we were there it started pouring! I stuffed Asher in my jacket while saying, "this fit both of while I was pregnant it'll fit us both now!" We got a lot of laughs.

 I had never been to the state fair so it was all pretty interesting to me. Lots to look at.

We were on our way to feed Asher and he fell asleep.

worshiping with nana

 It is always such a blessing when we get to go to Christian concerts, just all these like-minded people praising God for His goodness.

Asher's first concert. He LOVED it.

Rae Rae's hoe-down

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  1. Yay for pale babies!!! I think mine is still a few shades lighter than yours though...