Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun.

This Halloween has been so much fun. Having a baby definitely adds to the excitement.
So please excuse the overload of pictures.

Farish family Halloween party.
This year we were all superheros. Batman, Superman, & Green Lantern.

Batman got hot.

I took Asher to a pumpkin patch. We were supposed to go with our churches MOPs group but I was late, (of course...)


He loves his pumpkin.

he didn't like that nose.

Trunk or Treating
my hair & makeup


we decorated our van as the 'magic school bus'. my mom was Ms.Frizzle & her chihuahua was Liz. <3


  1. What a fun Halloween! Cute Asher had his nails painted! That makes me feel better that I painted B's nails (I was painting Olivia's nails at the time and he was begging me.) Looks like Asher held still really well, or he was asleep. :)

    I love how your mom did magic school bus. We love Mrs. Frizzle and Lix!

  2. Nic was not happy I painted his nails, haha. I was painting my own and he just put his hand on my knee and held it there until they were all painted... I couldn't resist.