Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Boy-9 months

This month he hit 9 months, he also hit 40 weeks. Which is exactly how long I carried him... my pregnancy truly felt like it went on forever, and now in the blink of an eye the same amount of time has passed.

Ash got dressed up for pics this month. no big deal.

I love being the mommy to this crazy little boy. I think this stage we are in right now, just might be my favorite so far. He is so crazy and funny. He is just happy-go-lucky and always laughing.

Ash got to go to his second concert, and this time he met Adam Cappa.

We also went to an adoption walk.

The biggest change this month is that he has started walking! It is only a few steps here and there, but he is getting more confident each day.
He is also more vocal and is finding his words, his favorite thing to say is 'dada'. Which makes sense because even though he is still my little mama's boy he gets so excited to see Nic. He starts dancing, laughing and saying 'dada dad dada' over and over in every crazy voice he can make.

He won’t always be my baby. Someday much too soon he isn’t going to want me to kiss and cuddle and tickle him. He won’t always cry when he thinks I’m leaving him. He’s growing up too fast…

Baby boy I don’t know if you’ll ever fully understand how in love with you I am. I think you are the most wonderful little boy in the world. You are so cheerful and imaginative. You bring sunshine into everyone’s life. I love seeing how you want to learn and explore-I pray you never lose that. You were the perfect baby to be our firstborn, you’ve given me confidence to do this again and I know you are going to be a helpful and loving big brother. Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou

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