Friday, November 4, 2011

Spotlight: Whittnee

Whitnee is one of my little sister's friends. I'd known that she was adopted but I didn't really know any details, until she agreed to answer some questions for my blog.
Thank You Whittnee!

Could you tell me a little about your birthparents? "My birth mothers name is Teresa Barney and my Birth fathers name is Aaron Witcher. I don't remember much about my dad because my mom left him while pregnant with me. The main thing i remember about My Mom is that she was very much addicted to drugs, her boyfriend beat her a lot, and shes never been married....

& your adoptive parents? "My adoptive mom was divorced a year prior to my adoption. So has had a boyfriend for 7 years now."

How many siblings do you have? were any of them adopted as well? "I have 3 brothers and 7 sisters. My sister 16 yr old sister lives with another family that she was adopted to. 1 of my brothers and 2 of my sisters live with my Birth dad. My 9 yr. Old sister is currently living with my Birth Mother. I have an older brother whom i have never met.. he was adopted by a different family also. my Two oldest sisters and Brother are my adoptive siblings."

Were you adopted at birth?When did you learn you were adopted? Or did you just always know? "I wasn't adopted at birth. I was adopted when I was 10. So of course I knew."

Was the adoption open or closed?Do you have any contact with your birthparents? "The adoption was closed. & Yes I have contact with BOTH of my biological parents."

Are there any questions you hate getting asked?I'm okay with you asking any questions. So No not really...

Do you have any advice for other adopted children? "
Just let 'em know that there is always someone out there who loves you... you just have to be patient."

How about for parents looking to adopt? "To couples or parents looking to adopt... Dont be picky about the kids you want to adopt. Every child needs a family... and if you can't be happy with the one child you find, then you really arent cut out to be a parent. No matter how perfect the child, there will be a point of rebellion. Its just nature."


  1. Thanks Whittnee for sharing your story! You're very pretty.
    When you were 10, how did your mom find about you? How were you two brought together? Was that a happy occasion or at the time was it traumatic?

  2. I sent her you questions, and this was her response,
    "Ha I've always known My birth mom. I just wasn't allowed to stay in contact with her until I was 18. And I made the decision to stay OUT of contact with her because she said i was mistake she wanted to forget. So we don't talk anymore."