Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby boy-11 months

11 months! That is SO close to being a whole year old! WOW!

ps i'm a redhead now

He walks about 85% of the time now, he is such a good walker!

new years eve

He's discovered how to breath deeply through his nose and it is now one of his favorite things. We'll play a game where he takes a deep breath then I (or Nic) will, it's so silly and fun. One day he even accidentally snorted and he thought that was the greatest thing ever.

 He loves bathtime! He loves to splash and "swim" and play with his toys.

His first trip to the zoo

Asher had to go to the hospital after having a seizure. It was because he has an abnormal reflex that causes breath holding spells. Thankfully he was totally back to normal within a few hours.

I love this crazy silly boy SoOo much! Everyday he blows me away with how smart he is. It's wonderful to be able to watch him grow up(!!)