Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Boy-1 Year!!

oh my gosh... my baby is one.

I probably should change the title of this, since technically he is no longer a "baby" but he has graduated to toddler status...

that is happy squeal face.

He is  31 inches (95%) & 22 lbs (38%) & he has 12 teeth!

He loves getting massages

In his first year he went to 3 concerts.
David Crowder Band
Jeremy Camp with Adam Cappa
Rock & Worship roadshow with Mercy Me, Tenth Avenue North, Hawk Nelson... and a few others.
(The last one was Nic's first concert ever)

He is such a mama's boy. I'm lucky enough to be able to stay home with him day after day. & at 12 months he is still nursing, although we are slowly weaning.

he does not like the vacuum

At 12 months he can say: mama, dada, hi, beh-ee button (belly button), nom nom (food/treat), bye, mih (milk), oh wow, what?, rawr,
& he can sign: more, milk, please, eat.

He is such a happy silly boy. Whenever we put music on he has to sing (aah, ahh, ooh) and dance (bouncing, spinning in circles, & the twist)

he loves to wear sunglasses when we put them on him he struts around the house like he is the coolest kid ever.


I love this age that he is at, I swear at each stage I think 'this one is my favorite'. But right now he is silly, and mischievous, and learning so much every day. He blows us away day after day with how smart he is. He has his own unique personality that you can't but fall in love with.

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  1. He looks a ton like his Daddy all the time, but I can see one of Nic's expressions in the picture where he is wearing the "Asher" shirt.

    Happy 1st birthday little man!