Thursday, April 12, 2012


We had an absolutely lovely Easter weekend. That started off with an egg hunt. 

Owen&Asher. Once Asher got the hang of it, he started putting eggs in everyone's baskets.


On Easter we went to our friend Bryce's house to see the 6 week old puppies that his dog Maddie just had.

& then we went to the park.
After going down the slides, and playing the swings, he took a break in the shade to dig up some wood chips.

He loves swinging, he gets all relaxed and cuddly. Nic was loving it.
Asher makes me so much excited about Holidays, it was fun to go the egg hunt, and also talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Even if he didn't understand much, I know he was having a fun day. I personally had a very special experience this past Sunday, the Lord opened my eyes to some of my struggles & questions. No matter how many times something like happens, I am just as amazed by how much God loves me, that he would speak to me directly.

Here are some more random pics...
Not from Easter, but look how much bigger he is now! 2m & 12m

my baby boy batman

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  1. I love the pictures of Asher cuddling the puppy and Nic and Asher on the swing together is a great picture. Nic radiates how much he loves Asher and being a dad. Cute!