Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rock and Worship 2012

In February we went to the Rock and Worship roadshow. We have gone the last 4 years, (well I missed last year because Asher had just been born). It is always an amazing time, and this year Nic was finally able to go, which means he has officially been to a concert. My parents went with my aunt and such to the show in Phoenix while we watched Owen and Asher, then we all went to the show in Vegas the next night. It was at an outdoor amphitheater and we sat far enough away from the speakers that the little boys were able to come too. The next day was Asher's birthday so we went to the mall before going home so he could make his build-a-bear with grandma.

I forgot to take any pictures, but here are some Cassie took of swimming and hiking in Phoenix.

i love these baby feet.

"bawk?" "Ow-ee that's a duck, it says 'quack" "oh.... bawk bawk!"

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