Friday, October 19, 2012


I realize at just one-and-a-half, my Asher Ryan has been to numerous concerts. This time we actually sat on the second row, which was great, when he kept he his ear-plugs in. (I ended up taking him out to the hall for the last few songs because he didn't want to wear them anymore.) He had a lot of fun, and was absolutely enthralled with watching them all play. He just stare and watch, but when they had everyone clap, jump, or whatever, he would try his hardest to do it on beat like they were on stage. We're definitely going to have to get him into some music when he gets older.

We saw:

Rend Collective Experiment:

They are a band from Ireland, their sound is kinda folksy but really fun!

Audrey Assad:

Her music is much more chill, and she has a gorgeous voice.

Tenth Avenue North:

This was actually my 4th time (& Asher's 2nd) seeing them live. I love this band. There have been numerous times in my life when their songs speak directly to where I am. In fact it was hard for me decide what song to use here...
But this song & video are beautiful. and well... here I am.