Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bambino 2!

Seeing as its only 100 till my due date, I figured I better start posting some pregnancy updates.

 This pregnancy was so much different than Asher's. I was a lot more sick, and for the first half I wasn't really having cravings as much as a lot of strange aversions. (I couldn't cook meat, or even open the freezer without feeling queasy.) So that along with some old wives tales, and the fact that my dad and Nic's dad both had their kids in boy-girl-boy-girl order, made me (& pretty much everyone else) think we were having a girl.
But... Surprise!
My due date is February 12, 2013 which means we'll have two little boys 2 years apart. It's a bit daunting but it's going to so fun to see them grow up together. Asher already loves babies so I know he is going to be a great big brother!
I've really been doing a terrible job at taking baby bump pics. This is 17 weeks.
Since reaching the 2nd trimester I've been having a much easier time. No more sickness, and I'm still small enough that I don't feel like I'm mostly baby (at least not yet).
23 weeks
So far we have had 4 ultrasounds. The first was to determine how far along I was, the second was just for the gender check, then we had the standard 20 week anatomy scan but they couldn't get a good view of his face or heart, so we had to go back 4 weeks later and get another. With Asher we only had 2 total, so it's been so different just getting to see this little guy so much and see that he has tiny nostrils like Asher, and those cute kissy/sucky lips that newborns seem to have.

 I forgot to write this story in my post about the last concert we went to, but it fits here too. The concert was the day after my last ultrasound so I made sure to bring along the pics to show my parents. Nic had to work, and the concert was in Layton (an hour-ish north of our house), so me and Asher rode up with Raegyn. We were all starving when we got there so we went to Subway, and when we left I accidentally left my wallet on the roof of Raegyn's car. When I realized I lost it, we drove back and tried to find it-it had only been about an hour but we couldn't find it anywhere. We called the police and Subway to see if anyone had turned it in but no such luck. I immediately called my bank to cancel my debit card, and we drove to the concert. I was still on the phone when we got there, so my dad just came over and gave me a hug. I was holding it together very well, until that point, when I realized the ultrasound pics were in my wallet, then I had a pretty big break-down. I let myself relax and enjoy the concert, and that night I prayed for a miracle. The next morning, we were getting ready to go home and I was thinking of all the places I needed to call to see if they had my wallet, and then all the places I would need to call and go to replace what had been lost if I didn't find it. Then I got a call, "Hi Jordyn, this is 'so-and-so' calling from [my doctor's office], we received a call from [landscaping company] that they found your wallet and traced you back to us. Their number is...." I was ecstatic! Sure the $25 cash I had was missing, but honestly that was what I was least concerned about finding again. My wallet was found, and the thing I was most upset about losing was the thing that helped me find it again!

Most Recent. 25 weeks.
So here we are, about 14 weeks till my due date. 14 weeks until the amount of kids I get to take care of doubles. woah. But the good news is I feel about half as clueless as I did last time, (& that worked out pretty well ;) )

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