Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Fun 2012

First we had a Halloween at my brother's house, and our little family was dressed as citizens from Capitol of Panem. (from The Hunger Games series)

you can't really tell but I'm wearing Mockinjay earrings, Nic has a Mockingjay pin, and Asher's Mockingjay is on his leg warmers.

Raegyn was a transformer. But I really love this pic because of mine and Ashee's kissy faces.
We also went to Lagoon. Nic was sick so he didn't come :( And even though I am unable to ride the rollercoasters, we had a lot of fun taking Asher and Owen on all the fun kiddie rides.

On Halloween, Nic was still feeling a little under the weather, and with Asher still being so young we didn't feel the need to go all out celebrating. So we dressed him up as Batman (which he loves), and took him the mall for a little trick or treating. He had a lot of fun, and was amazed by all the people just handing him candy, and calling him 'Batman'.


  1. I love your Halloween costumes! You really look the part. How fun! I'm sorry Nic's been sick. Hope he's feeling better. Is that Lucy in the stroller? She's really big now.

    1. Yes that is Lucy! She is getting much bigger