Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Firstborn

I've been thinking a lot lately about just how special our little Asher is to me, Nic, and so many other people who love him. He is now 20 months which means he moved from the nursery to the toddler class in church. This was met with mixed emotions from all over. The people who help out in the nursery were sad he won't be there anymore, but the people in the toddler class have been asking me for the last few months when he would come to their class. He is quite the popular little man at our church. All the time people, (mostly kids who help out in his classes), will come up and talk to him, give him hugs, or just play with him. It makes me so happy to see other people loving him, it just helps show just how special he is.

He loves music. Any time there is music he is singing or dancing, he will even pull out Nic's guitar and lay it on the floor and play along. One day we were walking outside of the spa where Nic works, and a car alarm started going off. So of course Asher stops walking and starts dancing and mimicking the noises. I just started laughing and dancing with him.

It was about a year ago that we started seriously discussing having another baby. I was so torn because Asher is my baby... I worried about him feeling replaced, like he wasn't enough and we needed another baby. It was then that I realized that if for some reason we were never able to add another child to our family, Asher was (& is) more than enough. My heart swells I play with him, his laughter can change my entire mood around. He is pretty much perfect.
Around the same time that we decided to try for another baby, I noticed Asher had a unique love for babies.  Babies in real life, on tv, and even just baby dolls-he loves them. My mom and I were helping out in the nursery at church, and there was a baby who was just a few weeks old, and most of the other kids didn't really notice. But Asher was enthralled he wanted to help hold her, and give her her binky. It's little things like that, that make me so excited for him to be a big brother.

I still think he's grown up much too fast...

Nic and I aren't just getting another beautiful son to add to our family. My Asher Ryan is going to get a little brother!
& we're all very excited.

He's going to be such a helpful, loving, fun big brother. He chases away all my fears of having a second child.


  1. I loved this post. Asher is such a special, sweet good boy!

    My mom always said something along the lines of "the greatest gift we ever gave you (kids) was giving you each other." And as you see Asher show love to baby boy and vice versa, you will just feel like your heart is going to burst that you could never have imagined such happiness in the world.

    1. Thank you. You always have to most encouraging things to share :)