Friday, January 25, 2013

Maternity Pictures

These were taken when I was 37 weeks pregnant. Our last pictures as a family of 3.

2011 waiting for Asher Boy
2013 waiting for Mr Sawyer

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

37 weeks.oops

I have done a terrible job documenting this pregnancy. :/

I am officially 37 weeks pregnant. Only 3 more weeks till my due date, although I think he will come a few days after that, and Nic thinks he will come the week before.

This is our countdown chain to baby due date, this was when I made it so it was 100 chains long.

26 weeks. (I went and jumped on trampolines later this day. haha)

I'm really sad this is so blurry. Asher loves helping countdown to baby.
34w 4d

34w 5d. This picture was only one day after the one above it, I think the outfit made me look bigger than I really am... I know I don't feel that big haha.
When I think back to being pregnant and I think of this pregnancy, while there are many similarties, there is so much that is different. (If I hadn't had 3 ultrasounds confirming it, I wouldn't believe I was having a boy) I'm less emotional this time as far as Nic having to console my weepy self, but I did experience quite a few anxiety attacks which seem to have passed now. I was able to wear my wedding ring to the hospital when Asher was born because I had almost no swelling, this time it hasn't fit since sometime in my 2nd trimester and some of shoes have stopped fitting. Its funny because I think back to when I got two tiny stretch marks with Asher, and how upset I was, I cried and I was terrified to get any bigger. This time I got stretch marks much sooner, and I've gotten much more If we're being honest, yes there are times that I look at them and frown, but for the most part I am at peace with them. I know they will fade, I know there is nothing I can do about it, and I know that 98% of people have stretch marks. I hope someday I'm able to love and embrace them, but I'm not quite there yet.
 I really still feel great which seems to surprise most people, but I know a lot of it is due to me having such a long torso. I very rarely feel too big or uncomfortable, the only pains I have are in hips/pelvis from all the ligaments stretching.

we also got maternity pics taken this week, that I will be posting sooon :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 New Year

The last little bit of 2012 was super busy for us. Lots of moving and parties and shopping and catching a cold... all while taking care of Asher, and me being pregnant. But we managed to survive and even have some fun!

This boy LOVES snow.

I definitely think having an almost-2 year old made everything much more magical. He loved to watch the snow, and he would tell me all about how Santa would come "knock knock" and bring him a "'tar" (guitar). He was so excited about all the little things.

On December 29th Owen became a big brother to baby Mason.

Asher loves to hold and kiss Mason. I think it has made him even more excited for his baby brother to be born. He will hug my belly and say "hi baby"

Now its 2013. Another new year. Nic just turned 26 and we just weeks away from adding another little boy to our family.

I didn't really do resolutions last year, but I did start my 101 goals. At this point I pretty much know I won't complete them all, (some for lack of desire), but I can't decide if I should leave the list as-is or if I should change/adjust it... But the good news is, I did accomplish some of my goals this year.

 1. Go on vacation with Nic-the honeymoon we never had (September 2012)
18. Get over my fear of the dark. (I think is one that I will have to continue to conquer but I just remember "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." 2 Tim 1:7 & "God is bigger than the boogie-man, He's bigger than godzilla or the monsters on tv" that silly song from Veggie Tales has helped me a lot!)
 35. Do my hair everyday for 2 weeks, (no ponytails!) (14/14)

40. Sponsor a child through Compassion International   We actually decided to sponsor through- (Potter's Field Ministries)
46. Take Nic to a concert (Feb '12)
61. Make homemade pizza (Nov '12)
72. Dye my hair red (1/02/12)
73. Fill up my picture frame (the big one i got for Christmas '10)

In Progress:
5. Get at least one massage a month while pregnant (1/9 months)-this one won't get finished, unless I count all the mini-massages Nic has given my achey body.
6. Read the Bible cover to cover (17/66 books)
10. Write out my testimony-the long version -This is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated
21.Read one book a month (13/32)
41. Have a designated date night once a month (4/32) -I stopped counting at some point... 
54. Make 10+ 'I love and appreciate you' gifts for Nic (1/10)
70. Learn to do different braids
86. Send Asher an email once a month (1/32)
87 Increase my flexibility-This will resume once I'm no longer pregnant.
91. Make a T-shirt quilt
92. Make a rag rug
96. Go through my closet and throw away/donate old clothes (2/5)

This year I'm also not going to make a bunch of new resolutions (besides writing more), but I'm choosing one word to focus on. I wanted to pick a word that could easily sum up where I lack... so I picked STRENGTH. I want to increase my strength in every sense of the word. (Nic picked 'happiness' for himself). So here's to 2013.