Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Asher Boy 3 years!

One word to describe Asher would be vivacious:
1. attractively lively and animated.
synonyms:  lively, spirited, bubbly, ebullient, buoyant, sparkling, lighthearted, happy, jolly, cheerful, perky, sunny, breezy, enthusiastic, irrepressible, vibrant, vital, zestful, energetic, effervescent, dynamic;

As he gets older it has been such a blessing to see this happy bubbly baby grow up into a happy loving little boy. He loves to love, he will tell you he loves you, he has to make sure he gives everyone sufficient hugs, kisses, and mugga-muggas always.
We often have to list all the people who love Asher, and all the people he loves, eventually he will just tell me 'I love everybody'. He gives the best compliments without reservation, he tells me I'm pretty nearly everyday, he talks about how beautiful his dance teachers are, he told Raegyn that she is his 'best hero', when Sawyer does something he will shower him with praise.
He has a very fiesty side, and he told me that he only hurts people "when they hurt me or they are being too noisy"

Turning 3 also seemed to bring with it a big need for independence. He wants to be a big boy in everything he does, but once those things pose a challenge (for instance when he tries to dress himself), he decides that he too little and "can't". So one week he will be dressing himself entirely, then hits a little bump of difficulty and then he suddenly won't put his own socks on. Which along with a temporary regression in potty training has been quite frustrating for Nic and I. But our main focus is on reassuring that he is capable, and we are there to help him when he needs us.
We call him our little 'threenager' because of the tantrums that include slamming doors and yelling 'leave me alone!' 'you're making me crazy!' One day he even told me that I wasn't the right mama, and he needed a new mama and dada. I cried... a lot. But come to find out his reasons for wanting new parents were that they wouldn't make him take naps and they would give him lots of green toys. (green is his fa-aaaa-vo-rite!)

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